Artist Statement

I explore the world around me with the heart of a romantic traveler, but with the head of a modernist designer and the motivations of a cinematographer. I lean towards textures and atmospheric­ studies, while trying to simplify compositions as much as possible. Most of my photography's subject matter is improvised and environmental, as compositions happen around me in real-­time.



Stuart Haury was born in 1984 and grew up on the east coast of the U.S., but has spent adult life in the Pacific Northwest. He has been practicing photography for over 20 years, using it as a tool to explore the world around him. 

Stuart has pursued a career as a designer to mix all passions of art, science and engineering. In 2007, he received his BA in Fine Arts at the University of Washington.



2018 - Current: Grand Image: Image Exclusive Publishing Licensing Agreement ( Link )

Showings & Published Work

2010, Caffe Ladro, Bellevue, WA

2015-2016 City of Seattle + Metro KC Panorama Photomural ( Link )

2016, Fubiz ( Link )

2018, Photocenter NW, Long Shot



BA, Arts & Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle (2007)

Currently enrolled in Photocenter NW, Seattle